Northern Ireland

Executive Counselling


Why executive counselling?

Many executives find that they rise to a position based on a particular skill set. However, rising into management and director positions often requires skills beyond the technical skills and accomplishments, which led to the promotion. Additionally, the tasks of managing people, maintaining technical awareness, meeting projected goals and managing office politics can be overwhelming. The position of an executive is a demanding one, which in addition to the above-mentioned skills, requires skill in managing interpersonal relationships, listening skills, empathy and a very significant degree of self-awareness. At some level, it can be a bit like being thrust into the role of parent, but in a less gradual and less forgiving manner.

Additionally, what it means to have authority, responsibility and to manage the wide varieties of personalities in the work place can be a daunting task. These factors can pull from many different areas, including how one views authority, trust and the ability to delegate work, the ability to assert oneself in a measured and effective way, to name a few.

Executive counselling can address many of these concerns, and can help free one up to be less overwhelmed, more present and available to the work, and to oneself. The added benefit is not only success at work, but also improved relationship skills at home.